A major goal is to collect and reassemble ancient knowledge and memorial fragments of a community that has been dispersed by the armed conflict. As a result of war, dispossession and other factors, the transmission of knowledge to the next generation has been interrupted. There is a gap of thirty or more years and the Inga risk to lose an important part of their great local knowledge. Hence a crucial task for the Biocultural Indigenous University is to establish an Inga knowledge base in a video archive.

Starting in January 2021, we launched a process of interviewing the Inga elders in high quality video recordings to create a visual and sonic collection of voices about ancestral knowledge. This will make for valuable material for the future University. The focus is on questions of how knowledge is produced in and through the territory and the elders’ vision about the university itself, and by doing so, these videos begin to tell the neglected and overwritten Indigenous histories of the region.

The first batch of interviews were conducted by Waira Jacanamijoy, Flora Macas, Iván Vargas Roncancio and Ursula Biemann, filmed by Richard Décaillet and Yann Decaumont in Caquetá, Piamonte and Putumayo.

Vocal Cognitive Territory, 2022

A conversation on the persistence and sovereignty of rainforest indigenous knowledge. Key figures from the Inga community of Colombia propose different types of learning. Directed and edited by Ursula Biemann with interviews by Ivan Vargas, Waira Jacanamijoy and Flora Macas in Caquetá, Piamonte and Putumayo in the Colombian Amazon. Installation image Istanbul Biennial 2022.

Hernando Chindoy 3Q

Hernando Chindoy, leader of the Inga community in the South Colombia answers three questions regarding the planned Indigenous University in their territory.

Waira Nina Jacanamijoy1

Interview with Waira Nina Jacanamijoy of the Indigenous Inga of Colombia in Caquetá on their territorial history in Putumayo and Caquetá. January 2021.

Waira Nina Jacanamijoy2

Interview with Waira Nina Jacanamijoy of the Indigenous Inga of Colombia in Caquetá about the experience of indigenous women with traditional medicine. January 2021.

Lucio Jacanamejoy

Interview with Lucio Jacanamejoy from Yungillo, Inga resguardo in Putumayo, on indigenous education issues. January 2021.

Eudocia Jacanamijoy Buesaquillo

Interview with grandmother Eudocia Jacanamijoy of the Indigenous Inga of Colombia in Mocoa about her experience in Inga territories. January 2021.

Carmelina Jacanamejoy

Interview with Carmelina Jacanamejoy of the Indigenous Inga of Colombia in Mocoa about her experience in Inga territories. January 2021.

Flora Macas 1

Interview with Flora Macas, January 2021 in Iachaikuri, Caquetá, on the history of colonialist education and her ideas on indigenous education.

Flora Macas 2

Interview with Flora Macas, in Mocoa, Putumayo, on the importance of intercultural education. January 2021

Carlino Muchavisoy Chindoy

Interview with Carlino, a wise man of the Indigenous Inga of Colombia, on the practice of Yagé in education, Yungillo reservation, January 2021.

Mercedes Jacanamejoy

Interview with Mercedes Jacanamejoy about the role of women and education in the Inga community, Yungillo reservation, January 2021.

Rubiela Mojomboy

Interview with Rubella Mojomboy, daughter of Taita Paulino, in Piemonte, Putumayo,
Inga territory.

Gonzalo Bresacillo Muchavisoy

Interview with Gonzalo Bresacillo Muchavisoy, senior advisor, Las Brisas, Caquetá, January 2021.

Maria Rosario Chicunque

Interview with Maria Rosario Chicunque of ASOMI, chagra de la vida, the association of indigenous women with knowledge of traditional medicine in Mocoa, January 2021.

Carlos Porfirio Jacanamejoy Quinchoa

Interview with Taita Carlos about Ayahuasca knowledge and the Inga university, Mocoa, January 2021.

Hernando Chindoy Chindoy

Interview with Hernando Chindoy, leader of the Indigenous Inga people of Colombia (2018-2023) on vision for the Inga university and the politics of the territory.
January 2021.

Adelina Becerra Peña

Interview with Governor Adelina Becerra of the Inga Musu ñambi kauai resguardo, the new way of life. Adelina tells the story of her violent eviction from her resguardo near Puerto Asís, on the Putumayo River, and their settlement as a refugee community near Mocoa. January 2021.

Universidad Javeriana - territorio AWAI

The workshop Nuevos Territorios by the Universidad Javeriana in Bogota and AWAI, Indigenous Inga People of Colombia, designing and reflecting on the territory and structures for the new Indigenous Biocultural University on Inga territories.

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