This publication—Devenir Universidad—is a complex author giving name to an organism, an assemblage, and a collaborative network of different human and other-than-human people thinking and acting together with the territory. It involves the leadership of the indigenous Inga community: the iachas, elders, taitas, mamas, and community leaders represented by taita Hernando Chindoy and mamas Waira Nina Jacanamijoy and Flora Macas, among others, as well as the creative support of academic and non-academic partners (see Organism). Different components of this organism have contributed in different ways and thus this complex author acknowledges a process of co-creation. Inspired by a biocultural paradigm, Devenir Universidad supports several dimensions in the materialization of an institution of higher education and research—the Indigenous Biocultural University—in charge of the Inga community with the guidance of their traditional authorities. Devenir Universidad is a parallel endeavor of creating the Indigenous Biocultural University, they mutually interpret and fertilize each other. Devenir Universidad is a repository of the visual and intellectual memory of this process of collaboration.

Online publication
conceptualized and edited

Ursula Biemann

Editorial Board

Ursula Biemann, María Belén Sáez de Ibarra, Iván Vargas Roncancio

Principal Inga Researchers

Hernando Chindoy, Waira Nina Jacanamijoy Mojomboy, Flora Macas

Inga Language Editing

Cristina Chindoy, Hernando Chindoy

Architecture and Territory Editing

Santiago del Hierro, Juliana Ramírez

Cognitive Territory, Legal,
Nature Rights Editing

Ivan Vargas Roncancio

Pedagogy and Anthropology Editing

Giovanna Micarelli, Alvaro Hernández Bello, Marcela Bravo

Spanish Translator

Ivan D. Vargas Roncancio

Proof Reader, English and Spanish

Cristina Esguerra Miranda


Participants of Devenir Universidad, ETH Studio Anne Lacaton, Mayerly Trochez, Lydia Zimmermann

Camera Work Video Productions

4Direcciones, Richard Décaillet and Yann Decaumont

Web Design and Development

Dg Estudio

Commissioned and produced by the Directorate of Cultural Heritage, National University of Colombia, funded by The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

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